How to best secure your personal computer?

Meta: Personal computers are one of the most important technological devices. It not only helps us work but also contains important information. How can you secure it from hackers?

Your personal computer always contains important information and data about you or your work. Hacking is a frequent occurrence. Naturally, none of us want our computers to be hacked and take data. So we have to have safe ways to keep computers safe, to prevent hackers from infiltrating. Here are some methods for you to know how to secure your computer?

Using a firewall

A firewall is usually a system software/Ph.Vietsunshire

A firewall is usually a system software that is included with every version of Windows, it acts as a border to help prevent, or select, unwanted Internet intruders into other people’s personal computers. But sometimes this wall does not work and is easily bypassed, using 3rd party software is an effective solution to overcome this problem. However, do not trust the Firewall, this is a very small trick in protecting your computer.

Use Antivirus software

Antivirus has a lot of benefits in detecting, removing viruses, as well as overcoming the consequences caused by them. However, many people ignore and ignore this process, resulting in their computers often encounter system errors or more serious can expose personal information on the Internet. Therefore, each person should install and regularly update Antivirus programs to protect their data.  

Currently, there are many security software vendors on the market, including free and paid applications, for different operating systems, and of course, many users will wonder whether how to choose. If you want to be simple, easy to use but still fully functional, please refer to and use the free software Avira Antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials. If you want to ensure more security, the big names in the market like PC Tools Spyware Doctor with Antivirus 2010, Avira Premium Security Suite,…

Use complex passwords

The habit of setting passwords for important documents is the right thing to do, but having them too simple is a “double-edged sword” that makes this counterproductive. For experienced hackers, using the software to try to combine all the characters, also known as Bruteforce tricks to unlock is quite simple. Therefore, users should regularly change their passwords, using passwords that are 8 to 9 characters long or more, including letters, numbers or special characters, this small action will help data.  always be safe.

Use WPA2

In fact, personal WiFi security by WEP encryption is not very good at all, even superior WPA is easy to penetrate if using a short password.

Many small business networks rely on their ISPs for Domain Name System (DNS) services, allowing you to access websites and internet resources like small business computing [.] com rather than an unknown IP address. Using third party DNS services such as OpenDNS, web performance will be faster and more secure

Computer security and network security for laptops by disabling administration and remote control

Most routers provide remote administration features that allow you to log in to view or modify network settings from the Internet. To prevent unauthorized people from accessing your computer network security system, you should disable remote administration.

Regularly update the software

Inside every operating system or software, there are still many undetected errors, from which hackers can easily gain access and gain control of personal computers. Therefore, it is advisable to regularly check and update your program to the latest version, in addition to ensuring it also helps the software run more smoothly and smoothly.

Upgrade the operating system

Upgrade your operating system if the operating system has been born for a long time/Ph.VectorworksForum

Please upgrade your operating system if the operating system has been born for a long time, besides updating the Windows updates, drivers for the computer is a necessity. In fact, schools, businesses are still using Windows XP and of course, the data loss, peeking into the program,… is very likely to happen if hackers attack.

Use encrypted wireless network points

To ensure network security for computers and laptops, you should use an encrypted network. From there, the information about the network data will be encrypted and no one can hack, hack your account. At the same time, account security by encryption is also a solution to ensure comprehensive network security for the system.

Do not use strange or unknown software, applications, programs

In recent years (since 2015) with the explosion of IoT devices, many computers have been infected with viruses and malware when downloading software to their computers. To protect the security of your computer network/ laptop/ PC or in other words, computer security, you should not download and install unknown software or programs.

Personal computers are important devices that need to be secured in the best way. It should not be infected or hacked. Above are some ways to help keep the computer secure.I hope it can help you!

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