The best free VPS services you should try

Meta: VPS free is a premium VPS service, offering Free Credits for customers to try Free Trial or Free Tier, which can be from 2 months to 1 year, even permanently. Which free VPS services?

VPS services for hosting are now heavily used, some service providers also offer free VPS packages. The purpose of providing free VPS is for you to experience the quality of their VPS before deciding to use it for the long term. Free Trial period can be from 2 months like Aruba Cloud or 1 year or VPS free lifetime like Cloud Web Services of the big Amazon (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. Join us to find out the following free VPS services.

VPS Free Trial still has the power as normal paid VPS, of course, some free VPS services only give you packages with Basic configuration. This is different from Free Hosting services, free Hosting packages are quite weak and unstable, although you can use it for a lifetime.

To sign up for free Premium VPS programs – Free Trial, you should have a Visa Debit card that has activated online payment mode. If you do not have a VISA card, please refer to the free VPS services without a VISA at the end of the article.

Microsoft Azure offers 1 year free VPS

Microsoft Azure regularly has Free Trial Cloud VPS/Ph.SOFT365

Microsoft Azure regularly has Free Trial Cloud VPS, but only lasts for 1 month. However, in a separate program for Visual Studio Dev Essential, they donated up to $ 300 Credits to use for 1 year of Azure Cloud VPS service ($ 25 credits per month).

In addition, you also get a range of other Web development tools such as Visual Studio, Windows R Server… and free to join famous online training programs such as Pluralsight, Linux Academy, Microsoft Virtual Academy… 

The interesting point of the free 1-year VPS program from Visual Studio Dev Essentials is that after you use your Visa Debit card to register for a Free Trial account, there will be no automatic renewal service (Renew), so you can be assured that the card will not be charged even if you forget to delete your Account before the deadline.

Secondly, the free $ 25 / month VPS package will not be deducted any extra money during use!

Amazon donates 1 year of Cloud VPS for free

Amazon donates 1 year of Cloud VPS free through Amazon Web Services’ Free Tier program, or AWS.

The AWS Free Tier program actually includes many other services for developing Web Apps, VPS, Email Services… on Amazon’s cloud computing platform, including some 1-year free programs, and one  Numbers will never expire.  As with MS Azure, you will not be automatically deducted from AWS.

Google offers free lifetime Cloud VPS

Google is the largest remaining company in the three largest Cloud Web Services providers in the world. Previously, Google also had a program to give Credits to use VPS, but the short term and the deduction were difficult to control so few users.

But since March 2017, announcing during the Google Next event, they have taken a new step when deciding to offer Free Tier for 15 services in Google Cloud Platform, most notably free lifetime Cloud package  VPS f1-micro 600 MB RAM, 30GB HDD, 1GB bandwidth/month.

The great thing about Google Cloud’s free VPS program is that they let you use the VPS f1-micro VPS lifetime package.

But the biggest limitation is the bandwidth of only 1GB per month, if you use more will be automatically charged to Visa Debit card. Therefore, it is best for you to monitor bandwidth regularly to avoid losing money unfairly. Google also has a program offering $ 300 Credits to new customers.

Google Cloud’s free VPS program is that they let you use the VPS/

Premium VPS free Vultr, DigitalOcean

Unlike the Free Tier programs of the 3 big guys above. The world-renowned specialized VPS services such as DigitalOcean, Vultr… have programs to offer Credits to new customers to use VPS for free with any package!

The special feature of free VPS of Vultr, DigitalOcean, Linode or Cloudways is very easy to install and use.


Vultr has many programs to award Credits to new customers, from $ 25 – $ 100 depending on the time of year.

Vultr also has a $ 3 gifting program for new customers when connected to their Twitter account, with this $ 3, you can use a continuous 1.5 months VPS package of 512 MB RAM.

You can get this extra $ 3 in conjunction with $ 25 – $ 100 Vultr!

Like DigitalOcean, Linode Vultr also charges hourly, so you can extend the trial period of VPS by deleting VPS after practicing to save Credits!

DigitalOcean offers up to 7 months of VPS for new customers

DigitalOcean (DO) is a provider of high quality VPS world famous and very popular in Vietnam. They have a gift program of up to $ 35 Credits for new customers, with 7 months of free VPS.

There are 2 forms of registration: Visa Debit and Paypal, if you succeed in both forms, you can receive up to 14 months of Premium VPS from DigitalOcean.

Aruba Cloud offers 3 free VPS months to new customers

Aruba Cloud is a famous Cloud Server provider in Europe, VPS prices here are very cheap, only from 2. 7 euros/month. They have a $ 10 month VPS free program for new customers.

Especially, Aruba Cloud’s Cloud VPS allows you to register for VPS Free without VISA or other cards, as long as you register with your email address and phone number.

The coupon code will send to your registered phone number, so please note that you need to provide the correct phone number. Vinaphone number should be used because international messages sent are often faster than Viettel or Mobifone (Mobifone is usually the slowest).

VPS services are increasingly popular. In order to compete well with each other, VPS providers have offered preferential policies on free VPSs to attract customers. Try and experience to know the VPS service really suits you!

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