What are the differences between VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting?

Meta: There are some major differences between VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting you need to consider before choosing a hosting solution for your business. Check them out!

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When building a website or creating an online business, it is important to make sure that your content is distributed and reaches as many audiences as possible. That’s why you need a reliable hosting provider. Today, VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting are two popular solutions. Read on to know more about them.

What are VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting?

VPS hosting provides hosting solutions for many clients on one single physical machine. It sounds similar to shared hosting, but VPS hosting can separate tenants, while shared hosting can not. All clients on the VPS server look like they were on a separate dedicated machine. But they don’t have as much resources and they don’t have to pay as much as a Dedicated server client.

VPS hosting solution is cheaper

VPS servers have the same structure with shared servers, but the software and resources are different. VPS hosting ensures that a client can use an amount of resources, but shared hosting does not.

Dedicated hosting refers to one that is associated with only one single client. This client has its own physical server and has access to all resources on it, including network access, hard drive storage capacity, memory, and processing power.

What does a VPS hosting offer?

#1: Cheap price

VPS hosting is a cheaper solution because your websites are being hosted on a virtual machine. The clients of VPS hosting can share the cost with each other, and at the same time, they have to share resources of that single physical space. However, they still have access to the full performance of the hardware.

#2: It’s scalable

It is easy to scale up your website with a virtual environment like VPS hosting. Resources can be allocated between clients who use only a portion of the available resources. On the other hand, if you are using a dedicated server, you will need to know more technical skills when you need to add slots or modules to expand the resources. This process takes time and may cost a lot of money.

What does a Dedicated Server offer?

#1: Full resources

Many big companies choose a Dedicated server because they have full access to its resources. When it comes to memory, storage space, CPU power, etc…, no virtual server can beat dedicated servers.

#2: More secure

Dedicated server is more secure

Since there is only one client on a Dedicated hosting, it is much safer compared to the ones on a virtual server. It is unlikely that you will see malicious attacks from an outside source or other potential security threats. The client also has full control to manage software installations and other digital expansions.

#3: Faster speed

This is another huge advantage coming from a Dedicated server. It is so obvious because there is no virtual layer here, which means data just goes through smoothly.  The loading times and site response are also faster.

#4: Configuration and Customization

With Dedicated hosting, users can configure the server the way they want. If your website is hosted in a VPS environment, you can’t install anything that compromises other clients’ security or integrity. You also have more capacity within the Dedicated hosting environment to install large-scale software packages.

#5: Easy management

When it comes to reconfiguration or maintenance, the service of Dedicated hosting tends to be more efficient. You will have prompt support from technicians and software engineers who are experts on their fields.

VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting: Which one should you choose?

VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting have their advantages for your business. If you have a small or medium business, you don’t need all of the resources from a server. Therefore, spending more money on a dedicated server is not wise. A VPS environment is what you need. On the other hand, Dedicated servers are suitable for enterprise-level companies.

Before choosing the right hosting solution for your business, make sure you consider some factors. First of all, if you have staff to handle on-going maintenance and upgrade hardware internally, the VPS environment is a good option. If you don’t, you might want to opt for a dedicated environment with experts who are always ready to support you.

Secondly, if you have a plan to scale the business or strongly believe in the growth in the next five years, a scalable hosting solution is good for you. Looking at what VPS hosting offers, you can see that it is ideal. Or if you have the money, you can invest in a dedicated server from the beginning.

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