The best smartphone security ways for you

Meta: Smartphones are one of the most used personal technology devices today. It contains a lot of important data as well as personal information. So how can the best phone security?

In fact, phones that are hacked from threats are often difficult to identify and prevent, from simple things like leaving your phone behind, others can pick up and read all the messages and information. Other stored in smartphones to more complex situations, such as Trojans, viruses, malware, counterfeiting… And below, we will show you some of the safest ways to keep your phone secure.

Use password

Setting the time to lock the operation of the screen, and login password/Ph.Ablewild

First, make a habit of locking your phone when not in use, setting the time to lock the operation of the screen, and login password… are the basic functions of most current smartphones. You need to use passwords that are easy to use, difficult to guess, and difficult to remember for others, not related to personal information such as address, date of birth, phone number, or excessive simplicity like 123456… Set difficult passwords with unpredictable numbers.

Smartphone security with technology

The basic security foundations of businesses have changed dramatically in the past year. Every individual wants to use their own device at work. Today, there are so many different mobile devices and application platforms on the market, how can the IT department in a company or enterprise capture these changes? 

And many businesses have transferred this process to security vendors such as NotifyMDM, Symantec, and Zenprise. A specialized program that allows IT department managers to review all equipment in the company at the same time, from 5 to 57,000 users, still does not affect their work.

Do not arbitrarily connect to any network

We can barely live without Wifi networks. However, you have to be more careful with them than you think.

Everyone connected to an open WiFi network will also see their data. For that reason, we recommend that you do not misuse these networks. It is best to never connect with them.

Do not access the problematic site

The following proposal is easy to implement:

Do not visit websites that appear suspicious. Many websites are flooded with ads that can put malware on your smartphone.

In the case of Android, this is extremely important, so pay attention to all the websites you visit. And remember, it is better to close a website now than to pay later. However, the case that your phone is unusually slow may be unrelated to this.

Use an antivirus program

This tip is directly related to the previous section: If you think you are going to browse websites that may be harmful to mobile phones, our advice is to install an antivirus program on your phone as soon as possible.

There are many types of antivirus software: free; have to pay; simple selection;  complex options; extended custom options… Choose one of the software that best suits your needs. In general, the best-known antivirus software brands for PCs also provide the best programs for mobile phones.

Protect your phone with access control

Statistics show that a lot of users don’t set a lock on their device. This means that with a simple operation, your mobile phone can be unlocked. In other words, if your smartphone is in the wrong hands, everything on it can be accessed immediately. This is really a disaster.

Everything on the smartphone can be accessed immediately/Ph.InPayments

Adding lock settings, a digital password, fingerprint sensor or even an eye scanner is a security tip that should be installed right after the time you buy a device. Navigate to settings, privacy/security and choose the settings you like.

Search applications thoroughly before downloading and only download applications from trusted sources

Installing additional applications for Android devices to expand features is extremely necessary and indispensable for any user. However, sometimes the applications you download contain malware or viruses that can destroy data on your phone, steal personal information, etc.

Whether it is a free or paid application, take the time to review the software carefully before downloading it to your phone. Pay attention to the author name of the application because sometimes different authors create applications with the same name. Because they are official software, these apps are available in Android software markets, easy to mistake for Google apps.

So, always be cautious and only download applications from reliable sources such as Google Play, Amazon, Mobay… Pay attention to find information related to that application, read reviews and comments carefully of those who have used it. In addition, be more careful, you should also check the background of the person who wrote the application and its development history.

Your phone is the device that stores most of what you have done and can be taken advantage of against you at the moment. Believe it or not, modern-day smartphones are still the worst nightmare of a normal human’s privacy if they are not tightly secured, especially when you use an open-source operating system. The security of smartphones is even more important.

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